Building a new economic engine for all of Solano County

We are proposing to build a dynamic new community, with middle-class homes in safe, walkable neighborhoods, good-paying jobs in advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, construction, and other industries, and clean energy in eastern Solano County. 

This proposal will be voted by Solano voters in November 2024, under the name of East Solano Homes, Jobs, and Clean Energy Initiative. As part of the initiative's 10 Voter Guarantees, this plan will deliver $500 million in community benefits for downpayment assistance, scholarships, and small business grants for Solano residents, and a $200 million commitment to invest in revitalizing downtowns in existing Solano cities. To learn more about the initiative:

A neighborhood street in the new community in Solano County. A safe and walkable street with homes and apartments for sale and for rent.


The new community would be built on 17,500 acres (less than the area of each of Vacaville, Vallejo, and Fairfield) of pasture lands that were rated as being the worst for agriculture and least ecologically valuable in all of Solano County. The new community entirely avoids the county's most sensitive habitats, including Jepson Prairie, Suisun Marsh, and Cache Slough. 

The initiative also creates a new Travis Security Zone, by nearly doubling the size of the current buffer from 7,971 acres in the 2008 General Plan to a new total of nearly 15,000 acres, where no residential or commercial community development is permitted. Click here to read the statement by Travis Air Force Base about the plan.

On the east side of the new community, the initiative creates the Rio Vista Parkland, a 712-acre open space that preserves the unique character of both the new community and Rio Vista, while creating a shared open space resource with parks, sports facilities, and bike paths.

The new community protects the mission of Travis AFB while providing neighboring parkland for Rio Vista.

This proposal is the result of many months of deep engagement with all communities in Solano County. We worked with the community to design something wonderful. We now look forward to working with our friends and neighbors to turn this plan into new homes, jobs, and clean energy over the coming years and decades. 

Parkland in the new community with space for family gathering and hiking trails.

The East Solano Homes, Jobs and Clean Energy Initiative is a game-changer for local restaurants and small businesses. By promoting housing, employment, and clean energy, we're laying the groundwork for a resilient society where businesses can excel. This initiative is about pragmatic growth for local entrepreneurs to prosper, as well as the importance of raising a family in a safe community.

Monique and Paul Feybesse
Vallejo, CA
Chefs and Owners of Tarts de Feybesse

In my journey, I've discovered a deep passion for agriculture and preserving our land. Yet, I've also come to realize the importance of balancing this passion with the pressing need to serve our communities. Through organizations like California Forever, I've found a way to merge these two passions seamlessly. By advocating for sustainable agriculture and land preservation that benefit our communities, I believe we can create a future where both our environment and our neighborhoods thrive.

Janie Davis
Vallejo, CA
Founder and CEO, Bright-Horizon Agriculture

Ten Guarantees

The East Solano Homes, Jobs, and Clean Energy Initiative includes an unprecedented set of ten guarantees.

#1 Solano Jobs Guarantee

We will bring 15,000 new jobs to the community that pay at least 125% of the average wage in Solano County. The community won't be able to grow beyond 50,000 residents until we've fulfilled that commitment.

#10 Solano Taxpayer Guarantee

Our project will pay its own way through the tax revenue it generates. We commit that the infrastructure, public facilities, and services required to serve our project will be constructed and operated at no cost to Solano taxpayers, except for those who live in the new community. This guarantee is built into the initiative in multiple places, and as with all of our ten guarantees, it is legally binding. 

My parents migrated here from the Deep South during what was known as the Great Migration for a better life in California. But they’ve been disproportionately discriminated against as African Americans in the Bay Area. I see this project as something that can be more equitable for our entire society, and bring together residents from all backgrounds. As a mother, former school teacher and current community leader, I can’t wait for this project to break ground.

Patrice Lewis
Vallejo, CA

Having grown up in Rio Vista, I have always loved the area and community. I left for better education and employment opportunities, but would love to one day move back. I have long felt that Solano County needs significant investment and I think California Forever can provide that. I would love to one day open my own studio practice where I can support local artists and teach art to the community, and the new town through California Forever seems like a great opportunity for this.

Nick Stiles
Rio Vista, CA


The new community will have vibrant, walkable neighborhoods with great open spaces, thriving retail, and housing of all kinds.

November 2024 - The Ballot Initiative

In November 2024, the ballot initiative will come up for approval by Solano County voters. They will have the chance to vote for thousands of good-paying local jobs, middle-class housing options, safe & walkable neighborhoods, and many other community benefits within the ballot initiative, all secured by our Ten Guarantees.

The new community will bring at least 15,000 good-paying jobs in renewable energy, manufacturing, and more.

2025/2026 – Environmental Impact Report and Development Agreement

After ballot approval, the initiative requires us to complete a full Environmental Impact Report under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and negotiate and execute a development agreement with Solano County. 

During this time, the initiative also requires us to conduct a full community engagement process with Solano residents to help create the allocation, eligibility criteria, and governance for the community benefits guarantees: Solano Homes for All, Solano Scholarships, and Green Solano.

During this phase, we would also begin design work on some of our initial neighborhoods. The initiative includes strong safeguards for ongoing community input, including requiring that we publish all plans for new developments in advance, and provide venues for the Solano community to provide input on each neighborhood as it's being built.

The new community will help preserve and enhance surrounding natural habitats, including critical conservation and mitigation areas.

I support California Forever on its mission to create a new city in Solano County. I look forward to the many conveniences it will bring to our community; closer shopping, hospitals, improved infrastructure, as well as keeping open spaces and farmland.

Lisa Montgomery
Rio Vista, CA

I am a small business owner with several locations throughout Solano county. For the last few years, my wife, children, and I have had to say goodbye to many of our friends that moved. Many of them couldn't not afford to live here or find good jobs. The East Solano Homes, Jobs and Clean Energy Initiative has brought some hope that the issues we face in California can be solved. I do believe this is what we need!

Morné van Staden
Vacaville, CA
Business Owner

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